Do more with bixby.

Bixby frees you to focus on what matters the most.
It learns what you like to do and works with your favourite apps and services to help you get more done.


Make it simpler with Quick commands

Take a load off with a Quick Command. Bixby carries out multiple tasks in a specific order upon hearing a trigger you've set up. For example, start your day fresh by having Bixby read aloud your messages, remind you of the day's schedule, and start your office playlist – all with a "good morning".



* Custom Quick commands must be created before use.


“I’m leaving work.”

Turn on Bluetooth

Play “Driving” playlist

Navigate to home


“Take a selfie.”

Open front camera

Set 5 seconds camera timer

Take a picture


“I’m going to run.”

Start the running tracker

Set media volume to 6

Play “Running” playlist


Get your work

done more




“Find Jane’s phone number.”

“What’s the time difference between Paris and Seoul?”

“Start recording in interview mode.”

Have more fun

with Bixby



“Show me popular games.”

“Tell me a joke.”

“Play the next song.”


Bixby is for everyone

Make your Galaxy devices more accessible and usable with the help of Bixby. You can switch on or off the Accessibility features with your voice, have Bixby read your unread messages aloud and even describe what’s on-screen using the Bixby Vision’s Scene describer function.

Let Bixby type

Anytime the keyboard is on the screen, simply press and hold the Side Key and speak naturally to dictate whatever you need to type without exhausting your thumbs. To use Bixby dictation, enable the feature on Bixby settings.